Saturday, 8 March 2014

Wonders of Nature

Mother nature has blessed the world many a sight to behold, many an astonishing scenery, many a tranquil destination. But, of these, the most beautiful and glorious wonders that Mother could offer are - Women! The very epitome of love and compassion that the world so desperately craves for( and lacks, sadly!), women are Mother Nature's reincarnations/descendants/followers sent down here to make sure we don't make a hell out of this place! Granted, not all women fit the stereotypical statements that I just penned above! But statements like these tend to create an ambiance that can set the stage for the storm that follows!

For long have we endured,
the tyranny of these creatures, so feared!
Why should we bow down at all?
To these miserable women! The fall
of humanity is all but possible,
if men were to be reasonable
with women, those vile seductresses
in their evil makeup and short/long dresses!
with their colorful hair,so damn long
and their penchant for a romantic song
Such glowing eyes, so deep and pure,
they scare the devil out of me, I am sure!
Why should we wait on these scheming girls?
Their mind thinks of all twists and curls
to squeeze us, torture and bleed us dry!
Poor men! Their freedom is a lie!

Rapes they claim, its our fault!
Mockery and jeering, put to a halt!
Even flirting is a big no-no!
So just jerk off and take a bow!
Ill-treated they scream, tortured to death
Repelled they are, by our heavenly breath!
Dress they do, so scarce and bare!
To find them working would be so rare!
Boss they do, over our lives and work!
Manipulate us with an evil smirk!

Such devious beings are they indeed!
Yet necessary they are for the world to breed!
Needed are they to keep the balance
Of Yin-Yang, speaking in celestial parlance!
But this torture, this dark regime
shall go no further, begin the Requiem!
The end of an era is at hand!
For the men shall make a stand
You wonders of Nature, hear us out!
NO MORE, in unison we shout!


  1. Good one da!! Hope you enjoy ur writing as we do!! :)

  2. NICE .. though they aren't' that bad da :P :)

    1. Its a satire da!! Y dont ppl get that?

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  4. Oh my god !
    Its like a dead man speaking about his wife who killed him. ;-)

    The women you WANT may be bad but the woman you NEED is not bad. :-) Retrospect on my capital words carefully.Its got a deeper meaning to wants and needs. :-)

    1. It is sarcasm! Read the disclaimer! I am actually praising women and feeling sorry for the troubles they have to go thru in their lives!