Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Light it up Blue!!

Autism spectrum disorder is defined in Wikipedia as "disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and verbal and non-verbal communication, and by restricted, repetitive or stereotyped behavior". A condition that can easily snatch away the victim's best moments of life, autism is prevalent in about 2-3 individuals per 1000 people worldwide, with the numbers rising rapidly. The reasons for the condition are widely debated upon, ranging from genetic causes to environmental reasons and urbanization effects. There is no known cure for autism- just early interventions through cognitive, behavioral and speech therapy. 
On this day of April 2nd, 2014, also recognized as World Autism Awareness Day, I dedicate this post to my dear brother, who has taught me so much in life and made me realize that we all may be different, but we must learn to set that apart and spread the word so that these children face a better future! 

His big round eyes were always cute,
His tantrums, so wild but mute!
Oh what a troublesome child was he!
The world's joy, a brother to me!

His face would search, left and right,
for onions, chocolate or just a bite!
Fried foods were always his fancy
My mother's gem, a brother to me!

His body clock was so shrewdly timed
for his TV shows. As their theme songs chimed,
Jump and scream in joy would he!
An angel at heart, a brother to me!

Sit together would we, every evening.
To make him write and read meanings
of words and phrases; the same set daily
A regular Einstein, a brother to me!

Cork beads, fix clips and play doh!
Motor skill activities and candles to blow!
Sensory perception and sound therapy,
A naughty child, a brother to me!

Birthdays, parties, functions and friends
His excitement would know no ends!
His hands flare up when seeing things shiny
Charming extrovert, a brother to me!

Cycling, swimming and horse riding
Mom would be constantly chiding
his daredevil antics, a sense of bravery!
A free spirit, a brother to me!

A condition he has, that's what they say!
Treatment and therapy every day!
But I say he has a great destiny!
Autistic child, a brother to me!