Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Pursuit of Happiness

What is the ultimate goal for every individual? To be successful, wealthy, important, famous, renowned and so on?? To be one step ahead of everybody else, to be a philanthropist, to be a national symbol, to carve your name in history?? To own fancy cars, have a paparazzi following, flaunt your wealth etc.?? To be religious, to spread God's word, to be a world savior?? Or even to fight for your motherland, fight for your religion, fight for your kith and kin??
What is the ultimate goal in life??

The rat race has consumed us all
through summer, winter, spring or fall
Made us oblivious, even blind!
to the real woes of mankind!
Doctor, scientist, engineer
teacher, cook, cashier!
So many jobs, so much choice!
The mind does get lost in this noise!
Why do we work so hard and long?
Why do strive away lifelong?
Why do we spurn our kith and kin?
In the run-up to a professional win!
Money,fame, prosperity:the holy trinity!
without them, where would our world be?
What do we aim for at the end of it all?
Sit back, relax and have a ball!
The pursuit of happiness is not an easy track!
It has led many into the oblivion black!
But the real way to be happy
Ask yourself, do you love being snappy?
Does it titillate you to work overtime?
Does it motivate you, a life in crime?
Do you enjoy a bite of chocolate?
Do you rejoice a game of cricket?
Enjoy the little things in life!
Lets not waste all this strife!
Pledge your happiness and seek your vow!
The world shall cheer when you take a bow!

The past is history, the future is a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why it's called "the present"!     -Anonymous

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The pendulum

We wake up everyday to new challenges, new dreams and new expectations. We prepare for them mentally and physically within our well-built routine. And then we throw it all away and do the same shit as always!
Monotony! The one thing in life that can boggle a person's mind to such a point of desperation that he might want to kill himself to spare the pain. This is because of the inherent structure of the human psyche. As the famous Sherlock Holmes said-" My mind rebels against stagnation. Give me problems, give me work". A mind that has once been subjected to extreme levels of pressure and work, can never be able to fully accept monotony and boredom. Stuck as I am in the same swamp of boredom as most others are in this scorching summer, this blog is an attempt to ease the pain (Because Aspirin is too mainstream!)

Ring! Ring! The clock chimes eight!
Wake up and reduce your weight!
With those ridiculous machines; So fast!
Rush your routines and breakfast!
Then rush again to your train station
cab, cycle, any means of translation!
Meet people and pout your face!
Because a smile will ruin your race
To the top of the ladder, corporate world!
A dream that has forever swirled
in the hearts and minds of one and all!
So hurry to your work, y'all!
Punch in your card and enter
Your cubicle at the very center
of the room; you sit and begin!
The education of a lifetime in ruin!
For the daily slogging, brawls and meets,
do you perform unspeakable feats
of evil, sabotage and jealous intent.
You are the drain for your boss to vent
his anger, grief, pain in life!
You go home, do the same to your wife!
Seminars, meetings and discussions
lead to more work and repercussions
of a monotonous life, so aimless!
Fuck it, I say! Be fearless!
Step into the tiger's mouth and feel the fear!
Play with your family and love those dear
to you; be happy, active and energetic
For this life is just too monotonic!