Monday, 29 December 2014

Gotham Archives #2

Time has passed, and so have heroes
Streets throng with villains on death rows
The fall of Gotham, a city apart.
Killing is a work of art!
Says the Joker, clown prince of crime
His terror demands neither a dame nor dime!
The evil laughter haunts us in sleep
Struck at the heart of Gotham, so deep!
Harvey Dent, the man of the hour!
A white knight in grey armour!
For he did lose his mind and soul
When he lost his love; his goal
focused on ruining one and all!
Two-face, they called him after his downfall!
All hope is lost, cried James Gordon
The police commissioner as he did cordon
Off Arkham, a hell like none other
That tortured and killed his insane brother!
Aye! The misery dragged on and on,
Until that day, at the light of dawn
A bat symbol arose above the skyline
For the hero had returned to draw the line
And send the evils back to their shells.

To light those hearts where hope dwells,
Of a beautiful Gotham, free and just
The dark knight's return is a must!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Gotham Archives #1

It was a cold damp night
As Gotham bore the storm's might!
The streets, so scary and full
of thugs, drugs and wild bulls!
A car stops at the hotel, so royal!
Out comes the Roman, in a bid to foil
the mutiny within. For that bastard Maroni,
shall now taste the wrath of Don Falcone!
Guns ablaze, the Italians swore!
Meanwhile, the comedian was a total bore!
At the Penguin's nest, such a misnomer!
The joker was abducted in a Hummer.
And dumped in a pile of toxic waste
Disfigured face, beaten up in haste!
The long-nosed Penguin was ever so happy
Gotham was his, and so was the mutt Flappy!
Peer through the glass, did the Cat indeed!
She eyed his ring, a thief's greed
But Selina Kyle wasn't an ordinary robber
An artist with her cats, facing a mobber?
Alas! That's Gotham, a city in ruin!
Cried the crazy Harley Quinn
Convicted of felony, declared insane!
Sent to Arkham Asylum, where she met Bane!
The Latino terrorist with a evil mask!
A killer with just one task!
The orders came from the Demon himself!
At Nanda Parbat, within his shelf,
lay the formula for the neurotoxin
That spread fear, the Scarecrow's deadly sin!
The League of Shadows, rises strong!
Eradicating evil for centuries long
Gotham is their target now.
Burn it to ashes, did the League vow!
The darkness rises all around
Creeping slowly without a sound
What the police and government can't do
Is win this war, and start anew!


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The prayer!

Genius, was I, a real geek!
My grades did make my friends freak
out in shock- Are you human?
Mock they did, endless fun!
I loved books and did study hard.
Loved the stars on my report card.
Adored the teachers who praised me long
Despised those who declared me wrong!
Helpful was I. to friend and foe!
My answers in exams, I did show!
'Muggu' was I , studying all day!
I love studying, what can I say?
Weak in sports, introvert indeed!
A big tummy had I to feed
The emperor of geeks, encore!
Alas! Those days remain no more!
A dunce am I, drowned in booze!
With my grades, I did, my character lose!
Lazy and weak, gaming all day.
I love movies, what can i say?
I hate classes, love to sleep!
My heart does, some evil secrets keep!
What have I become?- The thought haunts me!
Destroy all that I was meant to be!
Give me a second chance, Lord Almighty!
Please, lift me up for the world to see!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The monster inside! - Part 2

Within us all lies a devil plotting, waiting, slowly working his way out.  He controls all those evil thoughts and actions that we regret in retrospect. He unleashes the dark fire that will soon consume us all. .
He is the monster inside us all....

The fear spread deep within
The consequence of a deadly sin
I shivered trembled and weeped away
What had I wrought in angers sway!
The victim lived unaware; in peace
His world would soon cease
As the sorrow creeps in and eats him apart
I would relish my satanic art
No regret no remorse no tears
And no one to call nears and dears
For my actions have ostracized me
From society people and being merry
My victim withers away before my eyes
But god does never play dice
His eyes gave that icy stare
That grin, with his teeth all bare
The truth did dawn on me, oh so late!
I have been a victim of evil fate
The anger turned to fear, so pure
The baggage I had to endure
My life flashed before my eyes
Begging for a chance; blessing in disguise
A monster had I become, evil inside
Wherein the darkness does reside
Never goes off, forever bound
Those eyes, bloodshot like a hound
Continued to stare; my inner devil
Mocking and jeering as I bid farewell!
That moment this thought crossed meAs simple as a thought could ever be!
Two wolves fight within us all!
The one we feed wins the ball!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Those small things!

Life gives you so many challenges and experiences.Not all of them are going to be to our liking. But our attitude towards them matters a lot. Having gone through something similar, I have felt unexpected joy at the way the world has treated me despite my indifferent nature. There is goodness in the world, hidden with the god of small things!


The rat race, its forever on!
Be it rain or sun, dusk till dawn!
So is life, a challenging mystery
Where the devil lies in your history
Amidst are we, a gang of hooligans
Society and its "law-abiding" shenanigans
Rough, uncouth and brutal
is the world, it is fatal
For the faint-hearted, indeed!!
For chew and spit you like a seed
Will it; but fear not, not all is lost!
Hope is retained at the cost
Of "success","glory" and "money"
Bah! Who needs them, we are happy!
We share our bread and lend our stuff
We are kind, helpful but never rough!
We remember our friends and wish them well!
For every passerby does in our heart dwell
Want we nothing and have we nothing
We are the gods of small things!

Thursday, 3 July 2014


The darkness rises, ready to devour us all. And we, fools that we are, inch closer and closer to it as time passes, without even contemplating the ramifications of our present actions and the drastic impact they can have on our lives!! We enjoy, we crave it, we love it, we adore it!! We are addicted to it and it defines who we are! We are the Internet addicts!

The clock chimes twelve, in the shining sun!
We rush our routines for a day of fun!
Never mind brushing, fuck lunch!
We are the Internet addict bunch!

Social networking sites are the domain
For those of us who hate using the brain!
Ping, chat,like, poke and comment
Get a life!- Our parents lament!

Some of us do love to questions ask!
Quora is the site meant for this task!
But not every cloud has a silver lining
Fools do continue their silly whining!

Then there's the lot that love to game!
And make it to the coveted hall of fame!
Runescape, DOTA and LoL
In their soul does a child dwell!

Oniomaniacs do exist everywhere
The Internet does have its share
of them, with wishlists and carts
Courtesy of the innovative e-marts!

The worst offenders, they are lewd!
Their eyes scan for life in the nude!
For day and night, they "exercise" away!
The miserable fools, no work nor play!

But the most foolish of them all,
With their words they have a ball!
Spam their kith and kin with posts!
From their blogs, about puppies and ghosts!

But is this addict bunch really bad?
Or is their plight just so sad?
A judge of them, who may it be,
An addict, just like you and me??

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Pursuit of Happiness

What is the ultimate goal for every individual? To be successful, wealthy, important, famous, renowned and so on?? To be one step ahead of everybody else, to be a philanthropist, to be a national symbol, to carve your name in history?? To own fancy cars, have a paparazzi following, flaunt your wealth etc.?? To be religious, to spread God's word, to be a world savior?? Or even to fight for your motherland, fight for your religion, fight for your kith and kin??
What is the ultimate goal in life??

The rat race has consumed us all
through summer, winter, spring or fall
Made us oblivious, even blind!
to the real woes of mankind!
Doctor, scientist, engineer
teacher, cook, cashier!
So many jobs, so much choice!
The mind does get lost in this noise!
Why do we work so hard and long?
Why do strive away lifelong?
Why do we spurn our kith and kin?
In the run-up to a professional win!
Money,fame, prosperity:the holy trinity!
without them, where would our world be?
What do we aim for at the end of it all?
Sit back, relax and have a ball!
The pursuit of happiness is not an easy track!
It has led many into the oblivion black!
But the real way to be happy
Ask yourself, do you love being snappy?
Does it titillate you to work overtime?
Does it motivate you, a life in crime?
Do you enjoy a bite of chocolate?
Do you rejoice a game of cricket?
Enjoy the little things in life!
Lets not waste all this strife!
Pledge your happiness and seek your vow!
The world shall cheer when you take a bow!

The past is history, the future is a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why it's called "the present"!     -Anonymous

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The pendulum

We wake up everyday to new challenges, new dreams and new expectations. We prepare for them mentally and physically within our well-built routine. And then we throw it all away and do the same shit as always!
Monotony! The one thing in life that can boggle a person's mind to such a point of desperation that he might want to kill himself to spare the pain. This is because of the inherent structure of the human psyche. As the famous Sherlock Holmes said-" My mind rebels against stagnation. Give me problems, give me work". A mind that has once been subjected to extreme levels of pressure and work, can never be able to fully accept monotony and boredom. Stuck as I am in the same swamp of boredom as most others are in this scorching summer, this blog is an attempt to ease the pain (Because Aspirin is too mainstream!)

Ring! Ring! The clock chimes eight!
Wake up and reduce your weight!
With those ridiculous machines; So fast!
Rush your routines and breakfast!
Then rush again to your train station
cab, cycle, any means of translation!
Meet people and pout your face!
Because a smile will ruin your race
To the top of the ladder, corporate world!
A dream that has forever swirled
in the hearts and minds of one and all!
So hurry to your work, y'all!
Punch in your card and enter
Your cubicle at the very center
of the room; you sit and begin!
The education of a lifetime in ruin!
For the daily slogging, brawls and meets,
do you perform unspeakable feats
of evil, sabotage and jealous intent.
You are the drain for your boss to vent
his anger, grief, pain in life!
You go home, do the same to your wife!
Seminars, meetings and discussions
lead to more work and repercussions
of a monotonous life, so aimless!
Fuck it, I say! Be fearless!
Step into the tiger's mouth and feel the fear!
Play with your family and love those dear
to you; be happy, active and energetic
For this life is just too monotonic!

Monday, 26 May 2014

The demons come!

Life is filled with those moments when we weigh our pros and cons, when we strategize, think and plan our moves like an accomplished war general. We work hard to achieve what we perceive as our goals of life. We do things that we couldn't imagine ourselves doing, a few years earlier. We stretch boundaries, leap to the skies, reach great heights in pursuit of that which will define our worth to the world. Or atleast, most of us do. The rest are left washed up in the shores of their subconscious, doubting their every move and intent, filled with anger at the rejection, at the meek acceptance of defeat. And this is when, the devils pulls his trump card. Regret!

I was a happy man, in a happy place!
Living, oblivious to the rat race!
Then they came, the creatures fierce!
Wrecked our world, made our fears
come alive! I was terrified
Of the devil, we were petrified!
He walked up and pricked our hearts!
And unleashed the flow; like blow darts
they stung hard, and weakened our souls
from within; gushed out of us, like moles
did the memories, with a common scent!
A sorrow that is always present!
Scanning the past to see our flaws,
Scanning the future to predict our loss
Scanning the present for our true love!
Regret your moments, gentle dove!
For everything you have done is set in stone!
To remind and tear you from flesh to bone!
It is your burden, your punishment!
Hath the gods written in the Testament!
Regret fills us, drives us insane!
Regret fills us, unleashes the inner Bane!
Regret is what saddens our life!
Regret, kills slowly, like a gentle knife!
So, friends, don't be gullible and misinformed!
No regrets, no remorse, no evil reformed!

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Light it up Blue!!

Autism spectrum disorder is defined in Wikipedia as "disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and verbal and non-verbal communication, and by restricted, repetitive or stereotyped behavior". A condition that can easily snatch away the victim's best moments of life, autism is prevalent in about 2-3 individuals per 1000 people worldwide, with the numbers rising rapidly. The reasons for the condition are widely debated upon, ranging from genetic causes to environmental reasons and urbanization effects. There is no known cure for autism- just early interventions through cognitive, behavioral and speech therapy. 
On this day of April 2nd, 2014, also recognized as World Autism Awareness Day, I dedicate this post to my dear brother, who has taught me so much in life and made me realize that we all may be different, but we must learn to set that apart and spread the word so that these children face a better future! 

His big round eyes were always cute,
His tantrums, so wild but mute!
Oh what a troublesome child was he!
The world's joy, a brother to me!

His face would search, left and right,
for onions, chocolate or just a bite!
Fried foods were always his fancy
My mother's gem, a brother to me!

His body clock was so shrewdly timed
for his TV shows. As their theme songs chimed,
Jump and scream in joy would he!
An angel at heart, a brother to me!

Sit together would we, every evening.
To make him write and read meanings
of words and phrases; the same set daily
A regular Einstein, a brother to me!

Cork beads, fix clips and play doh!
Motor skill activities and candles to blow!
Sensory perception and sound therapy,
A naughty child, a brother to me!

Birthdays, parties, functions and friends
His excitement would know no ends!
His hands flare up when seeing things shiny
Charming extrovert, a brother to me!

Cycling, swimming and horse riding
Mom would be constantly chiding
his daredevil antics, a sense of bravery!
A free spirit, a brother to me!

A condition he has, that's what they say!
Treatment and therapy every day!
But I say he has a great destiny!
Autistic child, a brother to me!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The monster inside!

Dedicated to all the cruel things that we have done in our lives. When we have known deep down inside that we were wrong, yet we did it anyway! Those shameless antics.. those dirty words... those skeletons in the closet that haunt us in our sleep all night! Behold! The real monster is inside us all! 

They say that I am a monster;
A heartless beast, a disaster
Will not shake my nerves
I will not cry if the world swerves.
A friends dies, or kith or kin.
Why do I not cry as if its a sin??
A hospital, a morgue a grave;
Cant pierce my heart! Oh,so brave!
Say girls.... its confidence!
Bullshit I say, in brutal defiance.
I am a robot... a heart of stone!
For this burden will I be forever alone!

Again, the vultures circle around!
Such viciousness, had I never found
Within myself, this is bad
The implications, they make me sad!
Lose my friends, will I soon
If, continue I do, acting like a loon!
Error in judgement, bad by mouth,
A wicked mind, turns every argument south!
Oh! Why am I filled with remorse??
Drained of joy and life scarce!
Save me... release me... set me free!!
Please make a human out of me!! 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Chaos is a ladder...

We see disorder, destruction and hatred all around us! Don't you ever wonder what is the cause of all this? They say that the human mind is capable of the most astonishing miracles. Yet, one miracle that it has failed to accomplish is the reconciliation of fellow humans towards a greater good. Wars and disputes ravage the lands. Calamities ruin our landscape. Hatred fills our hearts and devours us all! This is Chaos. This is life! Our ability lies in rising above the chaos and staying in the sun. But is it as easy as it seems? No sir! Chaos is a mindless beast that cannot be vanquished, but can only be tamed! Chaos isn't a pit that will burn the world. As quoted by George R.R.Martin-

“Chaos isn’t a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm, or the gods, or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is.”

Chaos is what the world is all about!
From the flash flood to the scorching drought!
From the bursting volcano to freezing poles
From mighty skyscrapers to rabbit holes
Is it not Chaos that we see around
Is it not Chaos that makes the sound
of discontent, of protest and fear
of hurting the people we hold most dear!
Chaos fills, the world at large!
Chaos causes the elements to barge
in to teach man his place
Midst the rest of his miserable race!
Chaos comes in circles, and engulfs us all
Chaos comes in circles, and has a ball!
Chaos comes in circles, to ruin our world
Chaos comes in circles, destiny unfurled!
Chaos is the master, and we are his minions!
Chaos is the leader, this be his dominion!
Chaos is the pit that will consume us all!
Chaos is a necessity for a great fall!
Beneath the ashes shall rise again
an order established; the evil slain!
Victory to us all, we dream for long
March in the night to the Martyr's song!

The might of nature!

The green leaves and the cool shade
the colors flash and last they fade
The stream runs through and wets the floor
of the greenish beauty the world adores
But...Do we ever stop?
To ask-Just how a drop
could grow to make a tree?
Where we sit and chirp,happy and free.
The answer lies beneath the shade
in the being hiding under the glade.
The sufferer of all our sorrows,
who does all to lend and borrow,
as long as the shining world above,
enjoys the fruits of the iron glove
of a skilled workman,ever ready.
To help the world,strong and steady
But mark u all,it does fight back.
And when it does shall u crack
at the hands of an elemental crone,
who lives in his muddy,encrusted throne.
The omnipresent,all-staking power of nature