Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The monster inside! - Part 2

Within us all lies a devil plotting, waiting, slowly working his way out.  He controls all those evil thoughts and actions that we regret in retrospect. He unleashes the dark fire that will soon consume us all. .
He is the monster inside us all....


The fear spread deep within
The consequence of a deadly sin
I shivered trembled and weeped away
What had I wrought in angers sway!
The victim lived unaware; in peace
His world would soon cease
As the sorrow creeps in and eats him apart
I would relish my satanic art
No regret no remorse no tears
And no one to call nears and dears
For my actions have ostracized me
From society people and being merry
My victim withers away before my eyes
But god does never play dice
His eyes gave that icy stare
That grin, with his teeth all bare
The truth did dawn on me, oh so late!
I have been a victim of evil fate
The anger turned to fear, so pure
The baggage I had to endure
My life flashed before my eyes
Begging for a chance; blessing in disguise
A monster had I become, evil inside
Wherein the darkness does reside
Never goes off, forever bound
Those eyes, bloodshot like a hound
Continued to stare; my inner devil
Mocking and jeering as I bid farewell!
That moment this thought crossed meAs simple as a thought could ever be!
Two wolves fight within us all!
The one we feed wins the ball!