Monday, 26 May 2014

The demons come!

Life is filled with those moments when we weigh our pros and cons, when we strategize, think and plan our moves like an accomplished war general. We work hard to achieve what we perceive as our goals of life. We do things that we couldn't imagine ourselves doing, a few years earlier. We stretch boundaries, leap to the skies, reach great heights in pursuit of that which will define our worth to the world. Or atleast, most of us do. The rest are left washed up in the shores of their subconscious, doubting their every move and intent, filled with anger at the rejection, at the meek acceptance of defeat. And this is when, the devils pulls his trump card. Regret!

I was a happy man, in a happy place!
Living, oblivious to the rat race!
Then they came, the creatures fierce!
Wrecked our world, made our fears
come alive! I was terrified
Of the devil, we were petrified!
He walked up and pricked our hearts!
And unleashed the flow; like blow darts
they stung hard, and weakened our souls
from within; gushed out of us, like moles
did the memories, with a common scent!
A sorrow that is always present!
Scanning the past to see our flaws,
Scanning the future to predict our loss
Scanning the present for our true love!
Regret your moments, gentle dove!
For everything you have done is set in stone!
To remind and tear you from flesh to bone!
It is your burden, your punishment!
Hath the gods written in the Testament!
Regret fills us, drives us insane!
Regret fills us, unleashes the inner Bane!
Regret is what saddens our life!
Regret, kills slowly, like a gentle knife!
So, friends, don't be gullible and misinformed!
No regrets, no remorse, no evil reformed!