Sunday, 6 July 2014

Those small things!

Life gives you so many challenges and experiences.Not all of them are going to be to our liking. But our attitude towards them matters a lot. Having gone through something similar, I have felt unexpected joy at the way the world has treated me despite my indifferent nature. There is goodness in the world, hidden with the god of small things!


The rat race, its forever on!
Be it rain or sun, dusk till dawn!
So is life, a challenging mystery
Where the devil lies in your history
Amidst are we, a gang of hooligans
Society and its "law-abiding" shenanigans
Rough, uncouth and brutal
is the world, it is fatal
For the faint-hearted, indeed!!
For chew and spit you like a seed
Will it; but fear not, not all is lost!
Hope is retained at the cost
Of "success","glory" and "money"
Bah! Who needs them, we are happy!
We share our bread and lend our stuff
We are kind, helpful but never rough!
We remember our friends and wish them well!
For every passerby does in our heart dwell
Want we nothing and have we nothing
We are the gods of small things!

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