Thursday, 3 July 2014


The darkness rises, ready to devour us all. And we, fools that we are, inch closer and closer to it as time passes, without even contemplating the ramifications of our present actions and the drastic impact they can have on our lives!! We enjoy, we crave it, we love it, we adore it!! We are addicted to it and it defines who we are! We are the Internet addicts!

The clock chimes twelve, in the shining sun!
We rush our routines for a day of fun!
Never mind brushing, fuck lunch!
We are the Internet addict bunch!

Social networking sites are the domain
For those of us who hate using the brain!
Ping, chat,like, poke and comment
Get a life!- Our parents lament!

Some of us do love to questions ask!
Quora is the site meant for this task!
But not every cloud has a silver lining
Fools do continue their silly whining!

Then there's the lot that love to game!
And make it to the coveted hall of fame!
Runescape, DOTA and LoL
In their soul does a child dwell!

Oniomaniacs do exist everywhere
The Internet does have its share
of them, with wishlists and carts
Courtesy of the innovative e-marts!

The worst offenders, they are lewd!
Their eyes scan for life in the nude!
For day and night, they "exercise" away!
The miserable fools, no work nor play!

But the most foolish of them all,
With their words they have a ball!
Spam their kith and kin with posts!
From their blogs, about puppies and ghosts!

But is this addict bunch really bad?
Or is their plight just so sad?
A judge of them, who may it be,
An addict, just like you and me??

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  1. Just amazing!! Your word selection is brilliant and also the poem. :)