Sunday, 28 December 2014

Gotham Archives #1

It was a cold damp night
As Gotham bore the storm's might!
The streets, so scary and full
of thugs, drugs and wild bulls!
A car stops at the hotel, so royal!
Out comes the Roman, in a bid to foil
the mutiny within. For that bastard Maroni,
shall now taste the wrath of Don Falcone!
Guns ablaze, the Italians swore!
Meanwhile, the comedian was a total bore!
At the Penguin's nest, such a misnomer!
The joker was abducted in a Hummer.
And dumped in a pile of toxic waste
Disfigured face, beaten up in haste!
The long-nosed Penguin was ever so happy
Gotham was his, and so was the mutt Flappy!
Peer through the glass, did the Cat indeed!
She eyed his ring, a thief's greed
But Selina Kyle wasn't an ordinary robber
An artist with her cats, facing a mobber?
Alas! That's Gotham, a city in ruin!
Cried the crazy Harley Quinn
Convicted of felony, declared insane!
Sent to Arkham Asylum, where she met Bane!
The Latino terrorist with a evil mask!
A killer with just one task!
The orders came from the Demon himself!
At Nanda Parbat, within his shelf,
lay the formula for the neurotoxin
That spread fear, the Scarecrow's deadly sin!
The League of Shadows, rises strong!
Eradicating evil for centuries long
Gotham is their target now.
Burn it to ashes, did the League vow!
The darkness rises all around
Creeping slowly without a sound
What the police and government can't do
Is win this war, and start anew!


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