Monday, 29 December 2014

Gotham Archives #2

Time has passed, and so have heroes
Streets throng with villains on death rows
The fall of Gotham, a city apart.
Killing is a work of art!
Says the Joker, clown prince of crime
His terror demands neither a dame nor dime!
The evil laughter haunts us in sleep
Struck at the heart of Gotham, so deep!
Harvey Dent, the man of the hour!
A white knight in grey armour!
For he did lose his mind and soul
When he lost his love; his goal
focused on ruining one and all!
Two-face, they called him after his downfall!
All hope is lost, cried James Gordon
The police commissioner as he did cordon
Off Arkham, a hell like none other
That tortured and killed his insane brother!
Aye! The misery dragged on and on,
Until that day, at the light of dawn
A bat symbol arose above the skyline
For the hero had returned to draw the line
And send the evils back to their shells.

To light those hearts where hope dwells,
Of a beautiful Gotham, free and just
The dark knight's return is a must!

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