Saturday, 3 January 2015

Arey! Chaar log kya kahenge!

This post is dedicated to those infernal "chaar log" who walk up to ruin every dream or ambition that anyone has ever had in his or her lives. Hear this, you "4 people", this is for you!


Life, such a cruel thing it is indeed
Strife and despair for many an ego to feed
What is the point of all this hard work?
When all that they do is give a smirk
"That's cute! I eat that for breakfast!"
About that project, which 2 years did last!
That pain and suffering, can no one endure!
That ray of hope, can no one assure!
That life of confusion, that boggles every mind!
For they are evil, they ain't so kind!

Expectations! That's what they have!
Of being rich, sexy and suave!
For in one human, do they want all this!
We are humans too!- we cry from the abyss
That we dug ourselves, to escape the world!
A fort we built, as the truth unfurled
We hid in the shadows, waiting for that sun
that set long ago, never again to return!
Dictate to us they do, rules that forever bind!
For they are evil, they ain't so kind!

Judge they do, our every turn and twist
Never will they understand, the whole gist
Their fingers do point, in anger plentifold
For a weak heart is their jackpot gold!
Torture they do, those innocent hearts
Atleast give them a chance, a headstart!
In this race to please, this race to make happy.
it doesn't matter if you're Goliath or Scrappy
Those evil sayings that keep us forever blind!
For they are evil, they ain't so kind!

Damn you all, this is what we are!
This is how we want to reach the stars!
Don't you dare to boss over our heads!
For we choose the path we will tread
And all your concerns can go to hell!
So open the doors and ring the bell,
We march in fury, glory and a passion unseen
before; aye, we will make the earth green!
We will stop acknowledging their silly finds
For they are evil, they ain't so kind!

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