Thursday, 6 March 2014

The monster inside!

Dedicated to all the cruel things that we have done in our lives. When we have known deep down inside that we were wrong, yet we did it anyway! Those shameless antics.. those dirty words... those skeletons in the closet that haunt us in our sleep all night! Behold! The real monster is inside us all! 

They say that I am a monster;
A heartless beast, a disaster
Will not shake my nerves
I will not cry if the world swerves.
A friends dies, or kith or kin.
Why do I not cry as if its a sin??
A hospital, a morgue a grave;
Cant pierce my heart! Oh,so brave!
Say girls.... its confidence!
Bullshit I say, in brutal defiance.
I am a robot... a heart of stone!
For this burden will I be forever alone!

Again, the vultures circle around!
Such viciousness, had I never found
Within myself, this is bad
The implications, they make me sad!
Lose my friends, will I soon
If, continue I do, acting like a loon!
Error in judgement, bad by mouth,
A wicked mind, turns every argument south!
Oh! Why am I filled with remorse??
Drained of joy and life scarce!
Save me... release me... set me free!!
Please make a human out of me!! 


  1. Human you were and are,
    Monster you are not,
    Your real self hides behind
    A thick veil of rot.

    All that is needed is
    A spark of knowledge benign
    To enjoy your real self
    Say the angels divine.

    Guess I am picking up poetry from u!!

    1. Dei.... Your talent for poetry overshadows mine! And u say u pick it up from me!
      Thanks for the compliments anyways... i love poetry... but not many people like my writing style!

  2. Celebrate the monster inside us ! Bravo! ;-)

  3. Lordess_of_awesomeness7 June 2014 at 08:57

    Wow. Impressed :*