Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The prayer!

Genius, was I, a real geek!
My grades did make my friends freak
out in shock- Are you human?
Mock they did, endless fun!
I loved books and did study hard.
Loved the stars on my report card.
Adored the teachers who praised me long
Despised those who declared me wrong!
Helpful was I. to friend and foe!
My answers in exams, I did show!
'Muggu' was I , studying all day!
I love studying, what can I say?
Weak in sports, introvert indeed!
A big tummy had I to feed
The emperor of geeks, encore!
Alas! Those days remain no more!
A dunce am I, drowned in booze!
With my grades, I did, my character lose!
Lazy and weak, gaming all day.
I love movies, what can i say?
I hate classes, love to sleep!
My heart does, some evil secrets keep!
What have I become?- The thought haunts me!
Destroy all that I was meant to be!
Give me a second chance, Lord Almighty!
Please, lift me up for the world to see!


  1. Every man must face his decline ..
    Crumbling to the ground will be his empire ..
    Fuming with the flames of his power ..
    The power he never knew he possessed ..
    The same power that now is bringing him down ..
    And soon he shall find himself standing at a little clearing that time itself has brought him to ..
    And with a smirk will time point to the only two roads that lead away ..
    One back to the nadir , back to his sweet empire that lay in rubbles ..
    And one that time shows .. Takes u ON !
    He can either go back .. To where he belonged .. To what he called home .. To what he loved so !
    Or he can loose the shackles .. Break the chains .. And move in the one direction that builds him back .. And that is UP !
    For time shall not always be around ..
    For he is younger than he shall ever be ..
    For having nothing to loose and everything to gain is what makes one INVINCIBLE !

  2. Life may seem hard and cruel,
    Beware! Be no fool!
    Cowards maketh few wrongs,
    But it's the brave who make more rights!
    Fair or unfair !
    It's all in the mind ,I say!
    For strong people can built their paths.